Speech Pathology Schools

What Kind of Degree is needed to become a Speech Language Pathologist?

Most of the jobs available for speech language pathologists do require the minimum of a Master’s Degree. Usually students will begin by studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Language Pathology or another field that has a strong focus in one of the liberal arts. After these studies are completed the student continues on to a specific speech-language pathology Master’s degree program which usually takes another two years to complete.

There are usually prerequisite courses that have to be completed before entrance to such h a Master’s program including human verbal development, but the exact requirements vary from program to program.

How Much Clinical work does a Master’s in Speech Language Pathology Entail?

The whole of the last six months of a two years Master’s program in Speech Language Pathology  is typically devoted to clinical and ‘hands on” education. Normally a student is expected to complete a “rotation’ in a number of different clinical settings, including hospitals and schools.

What is a Clinical Fellowship Year?

For twelve months after graduation from a Master’s Program the new speech language pathologist is required to complete a clinical fellowship. The CFY is a paid position and a candidate must submit a resume and interview and compete for it like they would any other job, but since the individual is newly employed in this field, a supervisor or mentor must be assigned to monitor their work and offer support.