Radiology Technician Schools

Can I really go to Radiology Technician School Online?

Thanks to advances in technology and of course the explosion of the Internet the answer is yes, many radiology schools offer Radiology Technician classes online. Online schooling is of course an attractive prospect for many people as it allows them to conveniently fit schooling into their already busy lives and also tends to be less expensive than attending a traditional “bricks and mortar” college.

There are several levels of education a radiology technician can aspire to. A certificate program is a perfectly acceptable way to gain quicker entry into the profession but many students opt for the extra responsibilities and earning power that come with having received their Associates Degree in Radiology Technology. Some also elect to complete a Bachelor’s degree, which allows them to consider working in a specialty field such as cardiology.

What will I do at Radiology Technician School?

Some of the subjects that will be covered during any radiology technician schooling include:

Anatomy – If one intends to make a living taking images of the human body for the purpose of helping physician make accurate diagnoses then a full understanding of the workings of the human anatomy is essential. The typical anatomy course includes educating the student in the make up and function of human tissue, organs and cells and how they all relate to one another.

Patient Positioning – To obtain the accurate results that medical professionals need from a radiology study the technician obtaining those images has to understand how to properly position patients.

Radiation Safety – At the end of the day as a radiology technician you will be working with radiation, which can be pretty dangerous stuff. It is crucial that a radiology technician not only understands how to ensure that they are using the minimum dosage on their patients but also how to protect themselves as well.

 Will I have to do an Internship before I can work as a Radiology Technician?

Completing an internship is not a mandatory requirement for those entering the workplace as a Radiology Technician but it is certainly helpful. These days many schools help arrange for such things on behalf of their students while they are still at school.