Psychology Schools

How Much Education Does a Psychologist Need to Complete?

The answer to that question really depends upon the individual and their own personal career goals. Typically a successful psychologist is often holds PhD (therefore able to use the title Dr.) but individuals can find work in the field of psychology with a Master’s degree only and there are even some opportunities, although they are limited, for those who only hold a bachelor’s degree. Such individuals often find employment as assistants in vocational or social programs or at substance abuse treatment facilities that allow them to earn a wage and gain experience in their chosen career field while still furthering their education on a part time basis.

Does a Psychology Student have to do an Internship?

Just like a medical doctor has to demonstrate that they have the skills to be a good doctor by gaining extensive hands on experience so does a psychologist. Many graduate schools that offer psychology programs often arrange these clinical internships on their students behalf so that the flow of their education is not interrupted.

Do Physiologists have to be Licensed?

Some psychologists do indeed have to be licensed and the requirements for such vary from state to state. Since in order to become a licensed physiotherapist in most states carries with it a requirement that 3,000 hours of observed practice have been completed an individual can practice unlicensed in the interim period after graduation until they have amassed enough clinical experience to be considered for licensing.

Only psychologists’ who actively see patients need to be licensed. If someone intends to limit their work to the purely theoretical –in research work and industrial-organizational psychology for example – they do not have be formally licensed.

What is the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP)?

This test marks the final step on the journey to becoming a licensed physiologist. It is a national test administered by a company called Prometrics and it is presented in multiple choice format. On a scoring scale of between 200 and 800 a student must achieve at least a 500 to be considered to have passed the exam.