Medical Technician Schools

What is Typically Taught at Medical Technician School?

In order to become a medical technician or as they are also known medical lab technician the minimum acceptable level of education is typically an Associate’s Degree, which can be completed in a little under two years. The majority of these programs include a strong focus on the sciences - chemistry, biology, anatomy and microbiology – as well as practical hands on training with the equipment that is used by medical technicians in the course of their everyday work.

Does A Medical Technician Need to Be Certified?

After they have completed an Associate’s degree successfully an aspiring medical technician will need to pass a board exam that is administered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology. If they pass this exam successfully an individual can officially use the letters “MLT” (medical lab technician) after their name.

As the technology in a medical lab changes and improves a great deal overtime to remain a certified medical lab technician individuals must meet ongoing educational requirements every three years.

What kinds of Equipment Does a Medical Technician Work With?

The average medical testing laboratory is equipped with a great deal of machinery and testing equipment which a medical technician must become proficient in the use of. In addition because of the volume of data that is generated by a medical testing lab a medical technician also needs to be proficient in the use of both accounting and spreadsheet softwares of several different kinds.