Medical Technician

What does a Medical Technician Do?

A medical technician – also often commonly referred to as a clinical laboratory technician – can perform a number of different functions in a laboratory setting – whether that facility is located in a hospital, a doctor’s office or at a private medical testing facility.

Medical Technician

The medical technician – working under the supervision of a medical technologist in most instances – carries out routine lab tests that are used to diagnose or help prevent disease.  

The specific duties of a certified medical technician include running tests on blood and urine samples and helping create reports based upon the data they come up with to be passed on to the medical professionals who ordered the tests.

They are responsible for maintaining strict control of their working environment and testing modalities at all times to ensure the accuracy of the data they are gathering which often means being at least partially responsible for the cleaning and set up of the equipment utilized in the lab.

Some medical technicians often work under tight deadlines as physicians and nurses frequently require the results of the tests that they have ordered to be reported to them as quickly as possible. This means that in emergency medical settings such as a hospital ER or an Urgent Care center the medical technician is a vital part of the process to treat patients as effectively and expediently as possible.

What is the Difference Between a Medical technician and a Medical Lab Assistant?

Medical technicians must undergo mandatory schooling and obtain national certification. A medical lab assistant on the other hand has far less in the way of formal training (usually 4-6 months) and does not have to be certified to work. They do however make considerably less money and their job functions differ greatly from those of the more intensely educated medical technician.

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