Massage Therapist Schools

What is covered at Massage Therapy School?

There are an ever growing number of massage therapy schools or programs and since there are a number of different massage techniques and disciplines figuring out which school is best suited to an individual’s needs does require a little research.

One common thread running through all massage therapy schooling programs today though is that not only are students educated in the physical techniques of massage but also in the business of massage therapy, since many successful massage therapists choose to set up their own practices.

Can I Study Massage Therapy Online?

As strange as it might sound considering massage therapy is such a “hands on “career there are a number of schools that offer massage therapy programs that allow students to complete much of their coursework online and at their own pace. There will still of course be physical training to be completed but most schools require as little as 30 hours of practical training in order to complete the program.

Should I get a Massage Therapy Certification or a Massage Therapy Degree?

In order to meet the licensing requirements of most states a 500 hour massage therapy certification is considered to be acceptable. However to make the most of the lucrative and enjoyable opportunities open to massage therapists many go on to complete Associates, Bachelors and even Masters degrees in massage therapy. There are even those who continue their education in massage therapy to PHd level, which gives them the additional option of being able to teach at colleges and universities themselves.