Massage Therapist

Massage   Therapist

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage is a practice that has been around for thousands of years and has been utilized by diverse cultures all over world and throughout history to relieve pain and stress and promote a feeling of wellbeing. In addition many practitioners of psychology have long advocated its use for emotional wellbeing as according to them the state of submission and total relaxation that can be achieved in the hands of a skilled massage therapist can relieve stress, lower the blood pressure and calm the mind over the course of just a single session.

Although the practice of massage therapy is so ancient and encompasses many different modalities it is only over the last several decades that it has truly been accepted as a part of the world of conventional medicine. However in the 21st century what was once considered a form of alternative medicine has become a bona fide branch of the world of medicine in general.

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Who needs Massage Therapy?

As a way to obtain relaxation and stress relief there is no one who could not benefit from getting a good massage at the hands of a trained massage therapist. A medical massage therapist though can be found working at any number of medical facilities and with a wide ranging cross section of patients. Those who are recovering from work or sports related injuries  and are undergoing a course of rehabilitative treatment will commonly see a massage therapist on a regular basis as a part of their prescribed treatment, as will those who have lost movement or dexterity as a result of a heart attack, stroke or brain injury. Most health insurance companies will now routinely cover the costs of massage therapy for an ever widening number of conditions, something that has increased the current demand for skilled trained and licensed massage therapists.