Healthcare Administrator Schools

What Educational Background is required to become a Healthcare Administrator?

Since this is such a very broad and wide ranging field, there are no real standard requirements for pursuing a career in Healthcare Administration but most industry experts agree that a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree is necessary if an individual wants to find the type of employment they are truly seeking.

The types of undergraduate degrees that may prepare someone for a career in this field include: business administration, finance, marketing, or nursing but there are also a growing number of accredited schools offering degree programs in healthcare administration specifically.

In order to secure a higher paying position or one with far more responsibilities (administrator at a larger hospital for instance) a Master’s Degree is often a part of the requirements. Here students may choose to specialize even further. For example if the ultimate career goal of an individual is to manage a nursing staff then a Master’s of Science in nursing (MSN) may be the best course of study while those looking to become a hospital administrator may be better off pursuing a Master’s degree in health administration or in public health in order to be most appealing to potential employers.

Are there any Other Specialty Certifications for those in the Healthcare Administration field?

There are some other certifications offered that may increase an individual’s marketability in the field of healthcare administration. One certification specifically for healthcare managers or administrators is the Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives distinction (FACHE). To take the required test to achieve this certification a candidate must possess the minimum of Master’s degree, be actively working in the Healthcare Administration field and have been doing so for at least five years.