Healthcare Administrator

What Do Healthcare Administrators and Health Care Managers Do?

While other medical professionals go about the job of administering physical medical care to patients it is the very necessary role of healthcare administrators and healthcare managers to take care of all the aspects of the “business side” of medicine, making it a broad and very wide ranging field.

Hospital  Administration

Healthcare in general in the United States is an every growing maze of paperwork, insurance rules and strict medical records guidelines that it is the responsibility of healthcare administrators and healthcare managers to navigate. Their work helps not only the medical professionals they work for but the patients as well as they are often called upon to orchestrate insurance approvals for procedures and help people figure out how to pay for their medical treatment. Some healthcare administrators and managers are responsible for the day to day operations of entire facilities while others may work for a single specific department or clinic.  

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Is There a Difference between a Medical Office Manager and a Healthcare Administrator?

These days a medical office manager is usually the individual responsible for the day to day running of a physician’s office including staffing, insurance and financial issues but in most cases it is still the physician, or physicians who make all the major decisions. A practice healthcare administrator on the other hand, is most often employed by larger physician groups and holds a great many more responsibilities including coming up with business strategies to grow the practice by which they are employed.

Healthcare Managers

In a hospital setting one may be more likely to encounter a number of healthcare managers, each responsible for a specific department, often one in which they have personal clinical experience. Many hospital based healthcare managers are RNs themselves who have undergone additional training to become their department’s healthcare manager.