Dentistry Salary

How Much does a Dentist Really Earn?

Average income for a dentist varies from state to state and from town to town but it is fair to say that a dentist’s salary is a comfortable one. Many dentists who are new graduates from dental school often find that they are paid based upon their productivity – that is how many patients they see and how many procedures are performed – and according to an ADA (American Dental Association) study could reasonably expect to make in the region of $120,000 per year.

How Hard is it for a Dentist to Establish their own Practice?

Obviously a dentist in practice for him or herself is going to make better money than one who works for others (in a large dental clinic for instance) Establishing one’s own dental practice is no easy task though. Like any other start up business it must be financed, marketed and the dentist must either possess plenty of business acumen themselves or work with someone who does.

Some new dentists get a step ahead by purchasing the practice of another dentist who is getting out of the business, most often retiring. This does mean that all the equipment and staff they need is in place and they may be able to retain many of the patients the practice already has, but buying a business of any kind is an expensive prospect so financing has to be arranged.

How Wide is the Job Market for Dentists?

Thanks to increased public awareness about the importance of healthy teeth and gums to their overall health, combined with an increase in the number of companies offering dental insurance to their employees the demand for good dentists has probably never been higher.  The job market for dentists does however vary from region to region. Demand is usually dependent upon the size of a community, how many dentists are already practicing the area, and on the general economic state of the community.