Cardiac Sonographer Schools

Cardiac SonographerWith heart disease still the number one leading cause of death in the United States more and more people now understand that perhaps the best course of treatment is to prevent heart disease from ever occurring or progressing in the first place. This realization means that noninvasive cardiac testing is now very much a commonplace occurrence, in turn leading to an increase in the demand for cardiac sonographers, the actual individuals charged with performing the tests.

What Degrees or Certifications Must a Cardiac Sonographer Obtain?

Schools that offer cardiac sonographer training most often have several different programs available for a student to choose from. Certificate based programs can be completed in about twelve months allowing the candidate to make a relatively quick entrance into their chosen career. Some students however choose to pursue a full four year degree program to allow them to work at more advanced levels but the most commonly undertaken course of study for the aspiring cardiac sonographer is the two year associates degree. An associate’s degree meets the educational requirement of most employers and allows the student to eventually undertake more challenging responsibilities than those who have only completed a certification program.

What Kinds of Coursework Must a Cardiac Sonographer Complete?

There are two distinct components to the education required to become a cardiac sonographer. The first is to develop a strong knowledge of the workings of the human cardiovascular system as a whole and the second is the ability to utilize the sometimes complex technology that is used to facilitate cardiac sonography. .

The first year of the average associate’s degree program is spent learning all about the complexities of the cardiovascular system, what is considered normal and what is not, as well as training in general patient care and medical ethics. Once these things have been mastered the student can then move on to learn how to operate the machines that they will eventually be working with on a daily basis.