Cardiac Sonographer Salary

What kind of Salary does a Cardiac Sonographer Typically Command?

This is a lucrative and in-demand profession that is well compensated because of the level of skill and training the Cardiac Sonographer has to attain. According to 2006 statistics from the Bureau of Labor the average salary for a sonographer was $57,000 and since cardiac sonographers are specialists they command even higher salaries than that.

How high is the Demand for Cardiac Sonographers Really?

Although it may vary from area to area in general the demand for Cardiac Sonographers is still on the rise. The emphasis for many people (and their insurance companies) these days are on preventative care in which of course cardiac screening tests, performed by sonographers, play a big part.

Are there Opportunities for Advancement in this Field?

The opportunities for growth open to a cardiac sonographer will depend very much upon the size of the establishment they work in, but in larger facilities there is almost always a senior sonographer or a shift supervisor, who will earn more and be considered more prestigious than those in “junior” positions.

What Kind of Person is suited to be a Cardiac Sonographer?

A cardiac sonographer does really have to be a people person, as their days will be spent interacting with patients from all walks of life. They also have to have a great deal of patience, as some patients may be less cooperative than others.